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Julie Garden-Robinson


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Prairie Fare: Learn how to reduce trans fats in your diet

As I prepared for holiday baking, I perused some old cookbooks. My collection includes reprints of Civil War-era cookbooks, community-based compilations to brand-new publications. Flipping through the pages was like exploring the history of fat use in home cooking and baking.

INFORUM, 12/26/2013

Prairie Fare: Enjoy seasonal beverages in moderation

“The mocha frappe sounds interesting,” my 15-year-old daughter said as we stood at the restaurant counter. She went to find a booth.

INFORUM, 12/12/2013

Prairie Fare: Go nutty for nuts this holiday season

Through the years, I have eaten my share of pecans and pistachios. Peanuts, which are known as “ground nuts” in other countries, are a welcome snack, too. Did you know that peanuts are in the legume (or bean) family?

INFORUM, 12/09/2013

Prairie Fare:

Do you know someone with diabetes? Pause a few seconds and think of those around you. Maybe one or more of your relatives or friends have the disease. Maybe you have it, or maybe you don’t know you have it.

INFORUM, 11/22/2013

Prairie Fare: One lick of batter could make you sick

While in college, I had a friend who preferred raw cookie dough to baked cookies. Once in a while, she’d make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and keep it in the refrigerator as a snack.

INFORUM, 09/20/2013

Prairie Fare: Food-grade containers must meet higher standards

In my role as a food and nutrition specialist, I often field questions from Extension agents as well as other professionals and consumers. These are a few questions that I have answered lately and through the years:

INFORUM, 09/13/2013

Prairie Fare: Grain-like quinoa high in fiber, protein

While at a nutrition conference, I tasted a delicious salad made with a grain-like food called quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah”) mixed with fresh vegetables.

INFORUM, 09/06/2013

Prairie Fare: Consider these fresh-squeezed facts about juice

Sometimes when I select juice at the grocery store, I want to say; “Will the real juice please step to the front of the shelf?” That would save me some time reading the fine print on the beverage labels.

INFORUM, 07/12/2013

Prairie Fare: Spilling the beans about snap beans

Most of us remember the story of “Jack and Beanstalk.” You may recall that Jack traded his widowed mother’s cow for some magic beans. Jack planted the magic beans, which grew into a giant beanstalk overnight.

INFORUM, 06/27/2013

Prairie Fare: Grow a taste for heart-healthy avocado

“Let’s grow the avocado seed into a plant,” my 15-year-old daughter said one day as we prepared an avocado. We have tried this before without success, but sometimes persistence pays off.

INFORUM, 06/21/2013

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