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Don Kinzler


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Hortiscope: Squirrels good indicator of nut ripeness

Q: I have two adult walnut trees in my yard that have green walnuts the size of golf balls. How do I know when the walnuts are ripe and ready to pick? What signs do I look for?

INFORUM, 09/14/2012

Hortiscope: Tomatoes cracking due to water pressure

Q: Can you tell me why my tomatoes crack? I water regularly and fertilize with tomato spikes. Otherwise, the plants look healthy. We had the same problem last year, so we changed the variety, but it didn’t help. I would appreciate if you could help me.

INFORUM, 09/07/2012

Hortiscope: Japanese beetle likely culprit

Q: I planted a hibiscus shrub that gets flowers the size of a dinner plate. I’ve had the plant for three years. This year, it is much bigger and loaded with buds. I was so excited until I noticed the buds are yellowing and something’s eating the leaves. The leaves look like lacy Swiss cheese.

INFORUM, 08/31/2012

Hortiscope: Saturated soil at root of birch problems

Q: Our 12-year-old weeping birch tree appears to have died because all the leaves have turned brown. Do you think it is a goner or should we wait to see if it revives next year? What do you think caused this? The leaves started turning brown early this summer.

INFORUM, 08/24/2012

Hortiscope: Natural methods will control ants

Q: I have black ants eating the beets in my garden. Last year, they ate the tassels off my sweet corn. What chemical or natural control could I use to get rid of the ants?

INFORUM, 08/17/2012

Hortiscope: Corn hybrid pollinates before ears mature

Q: I came across your website while I was doing some research on growing sweet corn. I have had success in the past, but the last two years, the tassels have sprouted and pollinated long before any of the ears even have started to grow. As a result, I get no corn. Do you know what causes this to happen and how I can prevent it or possibly get corn from my crop this year?

INFORUM, 08/10/2012

Hortiscope: Bean blooms will reblossom with watering

Q: I had someone ask me questions about green beans. After the hot weather we have been having, all of the blooms on her green beans dropped off, so she is worried that she will not get any beans. Is there anything she can do to stimulate a second flush of blooms?

INFORUM, 08/03/2012

Hortiscope: Patience required with dwarf tree

Q: I bought a dwarf Valencia orange tree about two months ago. Since then, it has not grown an inch. I had transplanted it into a 1-gallon pot and put it in the middle of my dining room table.

INFORUM, 07/27/2012

Hortiscope: Pull tomato plants, but don’t kill husband

Q: Will you give me permission to murder my husband? He sprayed a herbicide to kill a few lawn weeds in our backyard. However, the drift affected 22 of my tomato plants.

INFORUM, 07/20/2012

Hortiscope: Rain, wind may be cause of fruitless tree

Q: Last year, my apricot tree had lots of fruit, but it was leaching a sticky liquid. I read that those parts of the tree that are leaching should be removed, so that is what I did. This year, the tree is doing very well and there is no leaching. However, it is not bearing fruit. Any ideas?

INFORUM, 07/13/2012

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