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Don Davis


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House defeats bonding bill ... for now

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota House defeated a public works funding bill this afternoon, but even with a Monday adjournment deadline looming it still could come back up.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/17/2013

DFL leaders announce final tax plan

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota House, Senate and governor’s office agreed to a tax plan Thursday night, four months after the Legislature started and four days before lawmakers must wrap up work for the year.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/16/2013

Senate legacy funds debate turns rural-urban

ST. PAUL — Rural and urban Minnesota senators battled Wednesday night about how to divide outdoors and arts program funding.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/15/2013

House committee approves ice storm aid

ST. PAUL — The Minnesota House is to consider helping southwestern Minnesota obtain federal funds to recover from an April ice storm.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/14/2013

Same-sex marriage facts

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/14/2013

Tying the knot

Gov. Dayton signs bill legalizing gay marriage in Minnesota
ST. PAUL — Minnesota’s gay community never has known such joy.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/14/2013

Minnesota Senate passes gay marriage

Gov. Dayton to sign bill into law today
ST. PAUL — Love and marriage soon will go together for Minnesota gays like they do for straight couples.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/13/2013

Minnesota Democrats release budget outline

Taxes would be raised on wealthy, cigarettes
ST. PAUL — Minnesota political leaders have spent months preparing state budget plans, and eight days before the Legislature must adjourn for the year they announced they have reached agreement on some tax and spend guidelines.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/12/2013

Minnesota House passes gay marriage

Senate to vote Monday
ST. PAUL — Minnesota is a Senate vote and a governor’s signature away from becoming the 12th state to allow gay marriage.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/09/2013

Gay marriage debate includes talk of money as historic vote nears

ST. PAUL — Most debate about today’s historic Minnesota House vote to allow same-sex marriage centers on religious and moral issues, but money also slips into the discussion.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/08/2013

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