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Dave Wallis


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Portraits: David G. Coons

David G. Coons has known how to communicate using American Sign Language for about 50 years because of a deaf family member. He has worked as a certified interpreter for 30 years.

INFORUM, 11/09/2009

Portraits: Tony Tilton

Tony Tilton, a Fargo filmmaker and television director, is shooting a remake of a vampire movie he made about 15 years ago.

INFORUM, 10/12/2009

Portraits: Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion

After the smoke, the thousands of visitors and the rhythmic thumping sounds of the massive century-old steam engines have vanished from the grounds of the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag, two old friends sit down to ponder the future.

INFORUM, 09/14/2009

Portraits: Road construction traffic controller Linda Kensok

“I’ve watched the sun come up and I’ve watched the sun go down on some of the long days,” Linda Kensok says of working long shifts as a construction zone traffic controller. “Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you never know how long you’ll be (on shift),” she adds.

INFORUM, 06/08/2009

Portraits: Katie Iverson

Five-year-old Katie Iverson flashes a big smile as she sits in the pilot’s seat of a 1941 Interstate Cadet single-engine airplane during her first visit to the Fargo Air Museum last week. “When you move the stick, the wings go up and down,” said the excited Fargo girl during a field trip to the museum from her YMCA Child Care program.

INFORUM, 05/11/2009

Food for a lot: Crew of chefs, servers makes meals for masses happen

As the social hour ends, you and perhaps several hundred of your co-workers, friends and guests head into the Great Hall of the Fargo Holiday Inn. You will get a hot and delicious dinner – part of your employer’s annual holiday party at the end of the year.

INFORUM, 01/24/2009

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