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Beth Rickers


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Honoring music makers

Concert presentation pays tribute to past director,current students
WORTHINGTON — Tuesday evening’s Band Bash featuring the Worthington High School Trojan and Middle School bands ended on an especially high note — the presentation of a plaque honoring one of the band program’s most beloved past directors, the late Glenn K. Evensen.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/14/2013

Hayenga joins ownership team at realty office

WORTHINGTON —A big change is under way at Worthington’s Real Estate Retrievers office — although it’s not something that’s visibly noticeable to the general public. This change is behind the scenes.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/12/2013

Class of 2013: Megan Cavanaugh makes memories during senior year

WORTHINGTON — In less than a week, Megan Cavanaugh will join her classmates, clad in caps and gowns, as they march across the stage and receive their diplomas. That ritualistic exodus from Worthington High School is a moment Megan anticipates with great excitement — although she admits to a bit of trepidation, too. There are some aspects of high school that she will miss. “I like the part where I can see my friends every day,” she said. “But I am getting tired of my classes.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/11/2013

Milbrandt to address prayer breakfast

Speaker for 20th annual event has global service experience
WORTHINGTON —The community that prays together, stays together.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/10/2013

Cauli-pizza: Veggie crust cuts down carbs

When I first encountered the recipe for cauliflower pizza, I was more aghast than intrigued. “Why would anyone put cauliflower on a pizza?” I thought. “That’s not a good combination.”

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/06/2013

Worthington native recognized for D.C. library work

Head of D.C. library system earns architectural award
WASHINGTON —When Ginnie Cooper accepted the post as chief librarian and executive director of the District of Columbia Public Library, she knew it entailed some big challenges, particularly in dealing with the institution’s crumbling facilities.

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/05/2013

Colors that POP: Windom artist creates three-dimensional textiles

WINDOM — What if …? Those two simple words figure prominently into Anna Johannsen’s life, whether it be in her job as a teacher or her creative endeavors as an artist. They are the words she lives by — along with a few others. “My mantra is ‘what if?’” explained Anna. “What if I made that into a quilt? That’s how I get my inspiration. My other thing is: How do I know if it will work unless I try it? That’s what I always say to my students. Another one is: Too much is not enough. That’s the Victorian theory — if your house is gaudy, it’s not gaudy enough.”

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/04/2013

Daily Globe produces promotional video for city

WORTHINGTON — The critics have spoken: A new movie about Worthington has been given a unanimous thumbs up.

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/28/2013

Building for the future

Habitat for Humanity finally moves forward on Luverne project

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/28/2013

Reading between the lines: Westbrook woman writes historical account based on mother-in-law's diaries

WESTBROOK — Carolyn Van Loh has never found mother-in-law jokes funny — she just doesn’t get the joke. She cherishes the close relationship she had with her mother-in-law, Betty Van Loh, who died in January 2009. “She was a mother-in-love,” corrected Carolyn, who married Betty’s son, Dave, after meeting at Pillsbury Bible College in Owatonna, and later moved to his family farm near Westbrook.

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/27/2013

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