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Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor welcomes comments about his column. He can be reached at 1363 54th St. N.E., Towner, N.D. 58788; e-mail: Taylor, who ranches near Towner, is a columnist for Agweek.

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Library lost: remembering the stories

A Scandinavian friend of mine once told me an African proverb. It said, “When an old man dies, a library has burned to the ground.” I thought of that when I was asked to eulogize my mother’s “Norwegian rancher bachelor” cousin, Orlin.

Agweek, 08/25/2014

Back in the saddle

Some gifts last a month, others might last a couple years, but if you buy the right kind of gift, made of durable materials, and if the person who receives it likes it so much that they take good care of it, it could last a lifetime.

Agweek, 08/11/2014

Dunking for dollars

I guess I was the closest thing to a local celebrity they could think of in my nearby town of Rugby, N.D., when the Lutheran church was recruiting victims and honorees for their dunking booth at the Pierce County Fair.

Agweek, 07/14/2014

Gardening for self sufficiency

I grew up with a garden, not that I was always appreciative of the fact or thrilled with the idea of pulling weeds or picking beans. I did like the tilling. Like most young boys, the tiller with its noisy gas motor and the ability to power pulverize dirt and old plants and weeds had its allure.

Agweek, 06/30/2014

Life in the 'hazard lights' lane

Not everything in this world is made for speed. Like the old horses we put our kids on, the turtles we see out in the pasture and the farm implements we pull down the road from time to time.

Agweek, 06/16/2014

Spring a hopeful time on the prairie

The seed is in the ground, the grass is growing, our mare had her colt and the calves have all stood up and gotten their first meal at the momma cow cafe. It’s a hopeful time here on the prairie.

Agweek, 06/02/2014

Freezer space

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach, or your plate, or something like that. Don’t feed three cattle to make into beef if you don’t have the room to keep them frozen.

Agweek, 05/19/2014

Where from?

Taking stock in heritage

Agweek, 05/20/2013

Winter tradition

TOWNER, N.D. — I may not have had what most would consider a typical life growing up as a kid, but it was a pretty good way to grow up, full of adventures and life lessons. Living on a ranch, miles from town, denies some experiences but affords many others.

Agweek , 12/31/2012

Christmas and community

There are Christmas traditions we can count on every year. Sure, we wonder if we need to do some of the same things year after year after year, but I guess that’s the only way something becomes a tradition.

Agweek, 12/17/2012

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