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Ray Crippen


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Column: Where are there were many twos, there are several ones

WORTHINGTON — A recent column recalled the department stores which once lined Worthington’s main street. Worthington had three. More often when a conversation centers on Worthington it is said, “Worthington had two.”

Worthington Daily Globe, 05/04/2013

Column: Don't stand there like a statue. Take a drive to Lismore

WORTHINGTON — It was Maundy Thursday morning, or Good Friday morning. The talk was of sculpture, the crucified Christ. How many statues of the crucifixion have you seen? Where was the best Christ sculpture you have seen?

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/27/2013

Column: Empty at first, Worthington became town of trees

WORTHINGTON — In the beginning there were no trees. Not many, anyway. A few burr oaks along some of the lakes. Plum trees along river banks. Again and again the explorers, the pioneers, described southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa as a treeless prairie.

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/20/2013

Column: When Wright went wrong, a memorable whipping

WORTHINGTON — There was a bowling alley in Worthington in 1907. I can’t tell where it was located — 10th Street, or Second Avenue — but then as now bowling was a popular pastime.

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/13/2013

Column: A celebrity visit and considerable controversy

WORTHINGTON — I wish the film “Lincoln” had been made when I was in high school. It would have been precious to have this image of Abraham Lincoln through all the passing years.

Worthington Daily Globe, 04/06/2013

Column: Wary of snakes, gators and crocs? You're not alone

WORTHINGTON — It seems to me there are too many crocodiles and alligators and snakes on television and in the newspapers and magazines.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/30/2013

Take me out the ballgame! Lismore — and the region — has storied baseball past

LISMORE — Minnesota has always been baseball crazy. There was a Minnesota town named Nininger. Nininger doesn’t even exist any longer. In 1857, before Minnesota even was a state, Nininger had a baseball club.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/27/2013

A gem hidden forever, but long remembered

WORTHINGTON — Nobles County is the only Minnesota county with no courthouse. For more than a century, there was a courthouse on the historic court square along 10th Street in downtown Worthington. The square was given to Worthington by the Sioux City & St. Paul Railroad in 1872.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/26/2013

Column: Oxford Street sure is busier than it used to be

WORTHINGTON — I was driving south on Humiston toward downtown. I wanted to make a left on Dover. You can scarcely believe what that stretch of city street has come to be.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/23/2013

Column: Worthington had some renowned cars for a renowned pilot

WORTHINGTON — I was trying to remember if I ever rode in one of Henry Ford’s Model Ts. I think I never did.

Worthington Daily Globe, 03/16/2013

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