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Meredith Holt


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Fargo woman's book project shares male wisdom

FARGO – “Bacon is my life.” Sounds like something you’d see on a T-shirt, but it’s one of 100 quotes Darcy Simonson is including in her new book project, “Hisdom Wisdom.” But there’s more to Paul Neis’ quip than his professed love of bacon, the Fargo-based writer, artist and entrepreneur explains.

INFORUM, 03/15/2014

Recycled renovation: Fargo homeowner stays true to original aesthetic by mixing modern with vintage

FARGO – Meg Spielman Peldo’s home is lookin’ pretty good for 100. Instead of giving it a complete facelift, the Fargo-based photographer has used her creative mind to find new uses for the old, artfully blending modern with vintage.

INFORUM, 03/15/2014

Helpful Hint: Hang sweaters without creating shoulder bumps

FARGO – I love warm, cozy, sweaters, which is a good thing, because I live in one of the country’s coldest cities. But those warm, cozy sweaters are big, bulky, and a challenge to store.

INFORUM, 03/15/2014

#FMgram: Beauty, inspiration shine at Adae Salon

To suggest local Instagram accounts for this weekly feature, use the hashtag #FMgram when tagging photos in the social media app.

INFORUM, 03/10/2014

Who's afraid of the big, bad phone?

Professionals offer tips for overcoming anxiety, fear over making calls
CAVALIER, N.D. – When Jessica Hibl’s phone rings, her heart starts to race. But she’s an attorney who has to spend about a third of her workday on the phone. So, when her secretary pages her, she takes a big, deep breath and answers the same way each time. “This is Jessica.”

INFORUM, 03/09/2014

Hot reads: Escape the winter doldrums with stories of warmer times and places

MOORHEAD – Our clocks may have “sprung” ahead this morning, but we sure seem to be stuck in a different season. If you’re anything like Corrine Edgerton, you’re dealing with never-ending winter by curling up with a good book, especially on brutal below-zero nights.

INFORUM, 03/08/2014

The 5 Spot: Five local fish dishes for Lent

FARGO – Today marks the first Friday of Lent for many folks in the Fargo-Moorhead area, which means no meat. But before you resign yourself to a McFish (excuse me, the Filet-O-Fish) for the next four Fridays, consider using Lent as an opportunity to sample some local sea-fare.

INFORUM, 03/06/2014

Tin Roof tackles controversial play

Family finds out through fictional genetic testing that child will be gay
FARGO - What would you do if you knew what your baby’s future holds?

INFORUM, 03/05/2014

Rebels ransack school for orphan girls in South Sudan sponsored by Fargo nonprofit

FARGO – The most recent photo Kevin Brooks and his wife have of 12-year-old Deborah Akon, the Sudanese orphan they sponsor through Fargo nonprofit African Soul, American Heart, shows the girl holding her fourth-grade certificate.

INFORUM, 03/04/2014

Influence on Community: Southern-born librarian is Fargo's go-to planner

MOORHEAD – Brittney Goodman spends her days navigating the stacks of the Minnesota State University Moorhead library. But good luck figuring out where to file this spunky librarian.

INFORUM, 03/01/2014

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