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Jonathan Knutson


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Annual conference examines strategies for ag producers

Planting, harvesting and marketing a crop isn’t easy. Raising and marketing livestock isn’t easy, either. But managing income taxes can be even harder for farmers and ranchers. The 24th annual Income Tax Management for Ag Producers program was intended to make the job a little simpler. The interactive videoconference was held Dec. 2 at 11 sites across North Dakota.

Expected farm bill payout draws critics

The U.S. farm bill is working as intended and criticism of a potential $10 billion government payout is both premature and unfair, Upper Midwest farmers and farm group officials say.

Sheep poised for a comeback

Cade and Casey Koenig carry pails of corn as impatient sheep wait expectantly. It’s a raw, blustery early winter morning and the pails are heavy, but the teenaged brothers smile as they do their chores.


Analysis criticizes federal crop insurance

A new analysis from the Minnesota-based Land Stewardship Project is critical of the federally subsidized crop insurance program.

CWB scores new ship

CWB’s growing grain-handling network now includes a ship.

Cattle on feed increases

More cattle are being fed for the slaughter market than a year ago, a government report says.

Samuelson: future of ag never brighter

The voice of America’s most prominent agricultural broadcaster was heard live recently in Grand Forks, N.D.

New choice for durum growers

Durum growers have wanted more planting options. Now they have one, albeit in limited supplies.

ND eyes dairy turnaround

North Dakota officials are fine-tuning plans for an upcoming conference on revitalizing the state’s long-declining dairy industry.

Creating a succession plan

Passing on the family farm or ranch to the next generation can be one of the most difficult jobs in agriculture.

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‘Wet cycle’ brings new challenges for area agriculture

Moisture is both the great friend and great enemy of agriculture. And because agriculture is so important in this part of the world, the amount of moisture we receive has a huge impact on our fields, towns and economy.

Two things we all agree on

Despite what urban folks might think, farmers often disagree among themselves. Everything from proper economic policy to the best brand of tractor is debated, sometimes with logic and sometimes with passion.

Frequently asked questions come with the job

Agricultural journalists often are asked about their job and the subject they cover. Here are some of the questions and my responses.

Enjoy the good times, but don’t get carried away

I don’t know if the past few years have been the best stretch ever for farmers on the Northern Plains.

Ag needs young blood in rural areas

Sure, wheat, corn and cattle are common on the Northern Plains, but the prairie’s leading staple may be gray hair.

Good years in agriculture require public relations skills

The past few years have been pretty sweet for many area farmers. Yes, some producers, especially ones with livestock, have struggled through no fault of their own. And yes, many producers, again through no fault of their own, sold a lot of grain too soon or too late and missed the best prices.

Farmers no longer have the region to themselves

If you’re closely connected to agriculture on the Northern Plains, you’ve almost certainly come to this unpleasant conclusion: A growing number of area residents know little about ag and care even less.

That special season returns

There’s nothing quite like harvest on the Northern Plains. If you’re a pragmatist, you enjoy harvest because it’s when the money rolls in.

Of summers green and brown

One summer years ago, when I was still a farm kid, central North Dakota was gripped by drought.