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Don Davis


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Farm bill unlikely before fiscal cliff resolved

MINNEAPOLIS — America’s agriculture industry needs to be patient.

West Central Tribune, 11/14/2012

Peterson seeks action on legislation before Thanksgiving

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, fresh off a comfortable re-election win, is lobbying Republicans who control the House to bring a farm bill up for a vote by year’s end.

Forum Communications, 11/12/2012

After winning control of Minn. Legislature, former rivals talk of bipartisan politics

ST. PAUL — Democratic competitors in the 2010 Minnesota governor’s race will be state government’s three most powerful politicians.

Associated Press, 11/09/2012

DFL senators pick Bakk as leader

ST. PAUL -- Sen. Tom Bakk will be the Minnesota Senate’s leader.

Forum Communications, 11/08/2012

Minnesota Democrats all smiles as they regain full control of the Legislature

ST. PAUL — It was easy to tell Democrats from Republicans in the Minnesota Capitol Wednesday, the day after the party snatched back control of the House and Senate.

West Central Tribune, 11/08/2012

Minnesota becomes first state to reject constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage

ST. PAUL — Minnesota became the first state to reject a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

West Central Tribune, 11/08/2012

Cravaack upset, Bachmann in virtual tie

ST. PAUL -- Chip Cravaack gained national attention two years ago when he upset longtime U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, but early Wednesday he lost to a congressman who served three decades ago.

Forum Communications, 11/07/2012

Minnesota defeats marriage amendment

ST. PAUL -- Minnesotans became the first state to reject a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Forum Communications, 11/07/2012

Voters decide against voter ID

ST. PAUL -- Minnesota voters do not want to prove who they are.

Forum Communications, 11/07/2012

Turnout heavy in Minnesota

Minnesotans may disagree about a pair of proposed constitutional amendments and may not see eye to eye on candidates, but they agree on one thing: They want their voices heard.

West Central Tribune, 11/07/2012

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