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Don Davis, Forum News Service


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Minnesota minimum wage deal includes lower pay for small businesses

ST. PAUL - Small businesses that dot greater Minnesota would not be forced to pay employees as much as larger firms pay under a minimum wage increase proposal legislative leaders announced Monday.


Political Notebook: Does bullying bill bully schools?

Republicans say that an anti-bullying bill actually increases bullying. They say that the bill senators passed Thursday bullies school districts by handing them an unfunded mandate.

Minnesota Political Notebook: A taxing week at the Legislature

ST. PAUL - Legislative deadline weeks always are hectic, usually produce heated debates and sometimes result in major action.


Minnesota Senate tax bill on hold for a day

ST. PAUL - Tax cuts may come to those who wait.


Minn. candidate leaves campaign after strip club reports

ST. PAUL – A Republican Minnesota secretary of state candidate dropped out of the race Monday after blogs reported he visited strip clubs.


Capitol Chatter: Democrats ramp up rural campaign

ST. PAUL – Minnesota House Democrats want voters to know that most rural residents should pay lower property taxes on their homes after actions they took.


Minnesota political notebook : Dems express 2014 election concern

ST. PAUL - Minnesota Democrats are getting advice from some of their leaders: Don’t push for more spending and higher taxes.


Minnesota Democrats divided on priorities for $1.2 billion state budget surplus

ST. PAUL - Good economic news looks like it will lead to a few Democratic squabbles over how to spend a budget surplus, with Minnesotans wondering if they will see taxes fall or state spending increase.

Minn. House votes to provide $20 million for heating bills

ST. PAUL - Minnesota legislators opened their 2014 session today battling the polar vortex. Less than an hour after the session started at noon, the House voted 133-0 to provide a $20 million boost to Minnesotans struggling to pay heating costs this winter. Rural lawmakers stood one after another saying their constituents are hurting as temperatures have remained bitterly cold for most of the year.

Analysis: Election-year politics never will be far from Minnesota

ST. PAUL – Politics and legislating always are intertwined, but they could be even more so in the Minnesota Legislature this year.

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An agreement: Minn. senator not a prom queen

St. Paul - U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and challenger Kurt Bills agree on little in their campaign, but there is one little area they can agree.


Minnesota election notebook: Supreme Court challengers face uphill climb

ST. PAUL – Challengers to Minnesota Supreme Court justices say their job is tough.

Professor to presidential candidates: All small businesses not alike

St. Paul - The two major presidential candidates say they love small businesses and want to help.


Davis: Obama touts advances in wind power

ST. PAUL – Wind was a major topic on President Barack Obama’s campaign swing through Iowa, and not by chance the White House released a report showing wind power use is growing.


Davis: Candidates’ forum answers get repetitive

REDWOOD FALLS, Minn. – Farmers listening to the two major-party candidates for U.S. Senate may not have understood just where they stood on some issues after a Farmfest forum, but they could not have missed two points: • Republican challenger Kurt Bills is a teacher, a fact he managed to work into nearly every answer during the 90-minute forum. • Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar works with Senate Republicans on a range of issues, something she squeezed into many answers.


Media probes Pawlenty’s past in anticipation of Romney’s VP choice

ST. PAUL – Tim Pawlenty could get his wish to join a national ticket in the next few days.


Davis: Health care dispute still far from over

ST. PAUL – The Minnesota House minority leader declared that the U.S. Supreme Court settled “once and for all” the federal health care law dispute.


Pawlenty near top of list for vice president, but ...

St. Paul - More and more discussion centers on Tim Pawlenty becoming Mitt Romney’s running mate, but at the same time, Ron Paul supporters are considering derailing traditional Republicans like the former Minnesota governor.


Budget debate becomes fodder for campaign platforms

ST. PAUL – Minnesota lawmakers from both parties signal they plan to use last year’s rough budget debate as foundation for this year’s legislative election campaigns.


Minnesota Political Notebook: Bakk demands open decision on fliers

ST. PAUL - The Senate’s top Democrat does not believe literature some Republicans handed out at the Feb. 7 precinct caucuses cost just $47. And Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, demands that the Senate Rules Committee take up the matter.