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Neighbors: Country school newspaper sprinkled in knee-slappers with news items

“Now,” said the teacher, “which of you can name five things that contain milk?” “I can,” shouted a freckle-faced youngster: “Butter, cheese, ice cream and two cows.”


Neighbors: Calling rhubarb ‘pie plant’ rooted in the past

How many remember when rhubarb was called “pie plant,” Phil Larson, Fargo, asked here a few weeks ago? Quite a few, Phil.


Neighbors: What were the first Boys' and Girls' Institutes like in ND?

The first of the annual Boys’ and Girls’ Institutes at the North Dakota Agricultural College was a great success.


Neighbors: 'Lucky' cat needs a forever home

Patsy Holm, a bus driver for Northern Cass School, Hunter, N.D., was ready to drop off her last passenger a few weeks ago when she saw what looked like a dead cat in the road. That shook her up, because she was afraid she’d hit and killed it.


Neighbors: Believe it or not, a poem for fans of lutefisk

Here’s a poem for fans of lutefisk (there has to be some out there). It comes from Hal Sillers, Moorhead, who writes that he “is not of Norwegian heritage, nor am I a fan of lutefisk, but I wrote this verse for one of my brothers-in-law who is the former but not the latter.”


Neighbors: Stories of early-day pioneers worth remembering

North Dakota is gearing up this year to celebrate the 125th anniversary of it becoming a state, which brings to mind those pioneers who were among the first settlers to set foot – and plow – in the area.


Neighbors: Looking for information about 'Squeaky' Sherman, a Moorhead man from the 1930s

Does anybody out there know anything about “Squeaky” Sherman?


Neighbors: Bertha Schultz saga was big news in 1944

The verdict is in, neighbors. The screaming headline reads “BERTHA SCHULTZ ACQUITTED!”


Neighbors: Memories of 'Captain Jim' of radio, TV fame

“Captain Jim” still has fans out there.


Neighbors: Coach made powerful impression on young referee

Sports officials deal with many coaches over the years, and probably forget most of them. Merril Reinhiller didn’t make officiating a career, but he did it for a while, and he says there’s one coach he’ll never forget.


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Lind: Poem stirs memories of large families

Last summer, Neighbors carried a poem written by Ellie Radtke, 93, Fargo, that told of what it was like to be the youngest of 13 children. That brought a couple of responses.

Neighbors: College president accidentally sends boy envelope full of money

Believe it or not, college presidents do make mistakes. At least this one did. But it wasn’t a big deal. It concerns F. Leland Watkins, the head of the old Dakota Business College in Fargo, which has generated many letters to Neighbors from its students and faculty.


Neighbors: 32 missions in a P-38 fighter


Neighbors: Ku Klux Klan stories from Dilworth

The kids in Dilworth had a way to warm up back in the winters of the 1920s. They’d sneak into the Presbyterian church and huddle by its stove.


Neighbors: Halstad’s Legion Recreation Center bears happy memories

NEIGHBORS: Email mentions the Isabel store

Neighbors’ email contains a note from Gene Reierson, of Esmond, N.D., west of Devils Lake.

Fargo man provides details of jazz pianist’s performances

All right, jazz fans, let’s take five with Dave Brubeck.

Lind: Readers help identify Old Timers

This photo of the Fairmont Old Timers musical group, believed to have been taken in the 1930s, ran here some weeks ago. Several of you identified some of its members. Now, others are filling in the gaps.


Bob Lind: ‘Lompe’ is lefse for hot dogs

Once again, this week the nation will be celebrating its independence. But last May 17, another national celebration was observed by many: Norway’s Syttende Mai, marking the day Norway’s constitution was signed, officially making that country independent.

Lind: Minn. writer a huge fan of the Twins

It being midsummer, the F-M RedHawks and the Minnesota Twins are in full swing. In fact, some of you will probably be spending part of July Fourth at the ballpark.