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Pamela Knudson


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New high-tech machine at Altru aims to attack cancer at all angles

Patients will benefit from improved treatment for cancer and other conditions with the use of new high-tech equipment that more precisely targets cancerous tumors, according to Dr. Grant R. Seeger, radiation oncologist at the Altru Cancer Center in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/15/2014

With protective outerwear, pets ‘dress for success’ against cold

Your dog may have a fur coat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can handle the bitter cold and winds Mother Nature has battered us with in recent weeks.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/14/2014

Newborn screen detects rare but dangerous heart defects, signals need for early intervention

A baby may look pink and perfect at birth but could have heart problems that are not visibly evident before the newborn leaves the hospital, according to a neonatologist with Altru Health System in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/13/2014

Grand Forks poet’s new book explores experience of husband’s battle with dementia

In the five “difficult years” when her husband was battling a dementia that eventually took his life, Madelyne Camrud, Grand Forks, captured her thoughts and emotions in poetry, as she had for years.

Grand Forks Herald, 01/05/2014

Good dental care for children starts early, yields health benefits

Caring for your baby’s teeth — as soon as the first one appears — will go a long way to keeping your child healthy, according to a Grand Forks pediatric dentist.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/31/2013

YMCA program helps cancer survivors ‘get back into life again’

After her bout with bladder cancer two years ago, Carilynn Maw, 76, of Grand Forks said she could do everything she’d done before, “but I was tired.”

Grand Forks Herald, 12/30/2013

Award-winning student explores power of music to restore health

With a fleece blanket across his lap, Darrell Jensen listened intently as the woman seated near him sang and played the John Denver hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads” on her guitar. Jensen was receiving chemotherapy to fight the cancer that had upended his life with no warning last summer.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/23/2013

Music therapy student receives national recognition

Carly Flaagan, a UND music therapy student, recently received the E. Thayer Gaston Research Writing Award from the American Music Therapy Association for her research paper on music therapy and speech pathology collaboration.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/23/2013

Holiday blues: How to counteract seasonal sadness

Sometimes, the very things people love about the holidays — the anticipation, the hustle and bustle, the celebrations — can leave some of us with a sense of sadness, emptiness and even depression.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/16/2013

Grand Forks women share holiday traditions

The need for a sense of connectedness with other people is at the heart of why we cling to traditions, said Kim Osowski, a psychotherapist with the Center for Psychiatric Care in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks Herald, 12/10/2013

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