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Don Davis


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State House committee begins synthetic drug examination

ST. PAUL — Trying to control dangerous synthetic drugs is a lot like playing the old carnival game whack-a-mole.

Worthington Daily Globe, 07/09/2013

Capital Chatter: Organizations continuing push for farm bill

ST. PAUL — A coalition of 532 organizations is putting pressure on the U.S. House to pass a farm bill.

Worthington Daily Globe, 07/05/2013

Minnesota's record tax increase kicks in Monday

ST. PAUL - Minnesota’s two-year budget begins Monday, with more than $2 billion in new taxes to help fund programs ranging from education to local government aid to nursing home

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/28/2013

Lawmakers seek special session to stop warehouse tax

ST. PAUL — Some Minnesota businesses are pushing the pause button on constructing new facilities, awaiting word about whether state legislators will allow a new tax to be collected.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/27/2013

Minnesota Democrats praise gay marriage ruling

ST. PAUL -- Minnesota Democrats wasted no time to begin cheering the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this morning to reject a federal gay-marriage ban.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/26/2013

Capital Chatter: Political bedfellows defeat farm bill

ST. PAUL — Strange political bedfellows who disagree on about everything combined to slap down the U.S. House farm bill.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/21/2013

Farm bill fails in House

Future of bill for rest of this year is uncertain
Republicans who want a smaller federal budget and Democrats who oppose proposed food stamp cuts joined Thursday to defeat a five-year farm bill.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/20/2013

House likely to extend farm bill debate

A U.S. House vote on new federal farm policy may not come until next week.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/19/2013

Minnesota to open German trade office

ST. PAUL — Minnesota plans to open a European trade office. Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday announced the office will be in Dusseldorf-Cologne, Germany.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/19/2013

Food stamps take center stage in farm bill debate

ST. PAUL - Food stamps are at the same time the biggest hurdle to enacting federal farm policy and a necessary part of passing the farm bill.

Worthington Daily Globe, 06/18/2013

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