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Dain Sullivan

Dain Sullivan is the Pioneer Journal's editor/general manager. Having joined the paper in May 2012, he previously served as a reporter for The Dickinson Press in Dickinson, N.D. Before that he reported at other Forum Communications-owned papers, including Detroit Lakes Newspapers and The Forum. Sullivan also spent time working as an intern at the Times-Record in Valley City, N.D. and a web producer at the Valley News Live news station in Fargo.

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Photo of the Day: Snow sweeper

Mike Olson of Olson's Lawn Service & Snow Removal clears snow from a sidewalk Monday in downtown Wadena. Photo by Dain Sullivan, Pioneer Journal


3 arrested in area meth bust

Three people were arrested last week for possession of methamphetamine.


Proposed concert series a great idea

It was reported this week that two partners visited the Ottertail City Council on Feb. 21 with the idea to bring a concert series to the town this summer.


Photo of the Day: Making the rounds

UPS driver Michael Mast of Bluffton prepares for his next stop Friday in southwest Wadena. Photo by Dain Sullivan, Pioneer Journal


Cellphone alert system a good tool

As I was working at my desk Wednesday afternoon, my phone started making a noise it had never made before, and I heard at least one other phone in the office go off at the same time as mine.


3 arrested for stealing $19K in supplies from local business

Local authorities arrested three men Thursday after the suspects tried to get away with more than $19,000 worth of wiring and tools from a local business.


Farmington goalie’s actions not necessary

Poor sportsmanship at its finest.


Valentine’s Day stories warm the heart

In a number of the columns I’ve written for the Wadena Pioneer Journal, I feel as though I’ve mentioned my appreciation for a good story – especially one involving how two people met.


Photo of the Day: Tech class dismissed

Jacob Lien, 22, formerly of Blackduck, Minn., walks to his car Monday after attending class at M State in Wadena. Lien is in the school's network technology program. Photo by Dain Sullivan, Pioneer Journal


WDC Wolverine wins first place at state convention

Our town’s ability to overcome disaster was recognized during the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s (MNA) annual convention in Bloomington last week.


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New school, same spirit

Aug. 17 turned out to be a beautiful Friday; one I felt couldn’t be spent entirely indoors. So I decided to take my work outside for a bit. The new Wadena-Deer Creek School has really been taking shape, and I figured the blue skies would make for good pictures of the building.


Let’s get real about the deficit

As the Pioneer Journal enters its deadline cycle this week, a deadline of a different sort looms in Washington, D.C., with a government shutdown a possibility. This silliness makes it ever so clear that nothing of substance on balancing the budget can be hoped for.

What a rip-off: where’s my flying car?

Perusing a column from the 1985 edition of the Pioneer Journal, it dawned on me: yeah, where the heck are the cocktail-serving, foot-rubbing, oil-changing, tooth-brushing robots we were all promised? Where is that flying car we all expected around the year 2000?

I’m *this* close to becoming a Packer fan

Gentle reader, please place your index finger and your thumb in front of your eyes, then bring them to within a quarter inch of each other.

Someday they’ll put me in that chicken shack

Do you see that beautiful, blue chicken shack right there? Do you? Some day they’re going to put me in that chicken shack. You mark my words.


Completely cured of storm chasing

Back in what was seemingly an age before time existed — the early 1990s, specifically — I started my news career in radio, and one of the most exhilarating parts of the job was reporting on storms.


Two big losses

The announcement of the closing of St. Ann’s School last week took a lot of people by surprise, and felt like a punch in the gut to many.


‘Lost’ finale leave you lost? Here’s my take

The popular TV show “Lost” had its final episode last weekend, and viewers either loved it or hated it. Or they’re downright confused.


Odd Thoughts by Steve Schulz

About 20 years ago, I remember really enjoying the “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” portion of “Saturday Night Live” every week.


No regrets? How is that possible?

A phrase you hear alarmingly often in today’s society is “I have no regrets.”