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Andrea Hunter Halgrimson


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Halgrimson: Meatballs best enjoyed at home after lutefisk dinner

The season’s last lutefisk dinner at the Fargo Sons of Norway is April 6. I plan to be there. And when I partake of these meals, I never sample the meatballs that are served alongside, as I prefer to concentrate on the ambrosial flavor of the lutefisk.


Halgrimson: Lettuce Soufflé a treat

Years ago I taught a soufflé class in which we made Jacques Pepin’s Lettuce Soufflé and Pierre Franey’s Chocolate Soufflés.


Halgrimson: Chocolate cake perfect for Valentine’s Day

In preparing for Valentine’s Day, thinking about chocolate is a useful pastime. And it’s none too early.


Halgrimson: Hearty filling great in peppers or cabbage

One of our favorite fall and winter dishes is stuffed bell peppers or cabbage leaves.


Halgrimson: Two have called Fargo Public Library home for almost 50 years

Between the two of them, they have almost 100 years of employment at the Fargo Public Library. Diane Briggs began at the old Carnegie Library in 1967 and Steve Hubbard started there as a part-timer in 1966.


Halgrimson: Marzipan can add flavor, decoration to holiday treats

When I think of marzipan, I think of my family’s friends, Chris and Virginia Jensen.


Halgrimson: Norwegian rullepølse a meaty delicacy

It’s been 10 years since I wrote about rullepølse, that tasty Norwegian holiday delicacy.


Halgrimson: Red River Valley’s ‘best’ sure has changed over the years

Last month when I looked at the ballot for the “Best of the Red River Valley,” it was brought home to me how many things have changed since I was a young adult in Fargo in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


Halgrimson: Breast cancer survivors a new kind of warrior

A while ago I came across a story about Amazons from Greek mythology. It seems that in ancient times, Amazons were one-breasted women warriors. The right breast was removed to facilitate their prowess as archers.


Rich soup has rutabaga as its base

The rutabaga’s nickname is “Swede,” so what it’s doing in the soup at the Sons of Norway is a bit of a mystery.


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Halgrimson: Columnist remembers gatehouse that now sits at WF’s Bonanzaville

The gatehouse of my memory sat across Broadway east of the Great Northern Railway depot, just north of the Empire Tavern. It was a 6-foot-square building on stilts with a 22-step stairway going up the side.


Halgrimson: NDSU archives take another trip

It isn’t easy to find the new location of the North Dakota State University Archives. Stashed out in the old Knox Lumber Co. warehouse at 3551 7th Ave. N., it’s the last right turn before Interstate 29 on Seventh Avenue. The NDSU Archives are the historical records of the university going back to its founding. The collection includes the archives for the Institute for Regional Studies.


Halgrimson: In search of long-forgotten Fargo homes, neighborhood

Until I came across a 1928 clipping in The Forum’s library, I hadn't imagined a neighborhood of family homes on Eighth Street North between First and Second avenues.


Halgrimson: Home is where the art is

Some of the happiest memories of my 12 years in the Fargo schools are of the art classes at Horace Mann from 1946 to 1952, Ben Franklin from 1952 to 1954 and Fargo Central High School from 1954 to 1958.

Halgrimson: Polar vortex adds to trove of weather memories

If those of us who live here remembered what the weather was like the previous winter, we might consider living in a more southerly climate. Some do go south during our cold months, but I think the majority stay home. And you get used to it. In years gone by, we even went to school when the weather was bad.

Halgrimson: History of Fargo’s City Hall worth noting

“ ‘Architects Have Varied Background In Building Design’ “Robert B. Cerny, Ralph Rapson and W. J. Seifert are the three architects who are drawing plans for Fargo’s new City Hall and auditorium building to be erected in the civic center area along 4th Street North between 1st and 3rd Avenue.” – The Forum, Oct. 7, 1956 At the time that story was written, the area between Fourth Street and the river and between First Avenue and Third Avenue North had been leveled for urban renewal.

Halgrimson: Krumkaker a memorable holiday treat

Memories of the holidays seem to last a long time, and at my age I’m happy that I can recall the celebrations of my youth.


As I recall: Memorable F-M businesses

Recently Forum reporter Dave Olson wrote about businesses that have vanished from the streets in Fargo and Moorhead, and I’d like to comment on several of those that readers remem-bered.


Halgrimson: Barn is all that remains of ND’s first county hospital

Fargo - In the early 1960s, I used to drive my husband out to Edgewood golf course. The paving on North Elm Street ended at 32nd Avenue.


Halgrimson: Top culinary educator comes home to Fargo, offers classes

A trade publication described chef Tim Rosendahl as “one of the top culinary educators in the industry” when he left his job in 1996 as executive chef instructor and administrator of culinary development at Walt Disney World to join Red Lobster as vice president of food and beverages.