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Auction Info
Auctioneer: R&D Auction, Inc.
Address: , Casselton, ND

LOCATION: Day’s Inn (Governors’ Inn), Casselton, ND


AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is a very nice collection with several guns being new with the boxes. Most all of the guns are in very good condition. Bidders from out of state will be required to have proper permits in order to purchase handguns. NIB = New in Box. See you there….R&D


4:00 PM – Misc. Items

5:30 PM – Guns, Starting with Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, & Air Rifles


.375 Holland & Holland Browning Left Handed A-Bolt (Stainless; Sights & Scope Mounts; Synthetic Stock; & Shells {Shells sold separately}); NIB .450 Marlin 1895_MXLR (4-Shot; Tubular Magazine); .338 Winchester Mag. Ruger 77_R5 (Sights & Scope Mount); .300 Winchester Mag. Winchester 70 (3x9 Scope; Synthetic Stock); .300 Winchester Short Mag. Winchester 70 (Synthetic Stock; Scope Mounts); .300 Savage 99 (Lever Action; Scope & See Through Mounts; Cartridge Counter); .300 Savage 99 (Bushnell Scope; Cartridge Counter); .308 Winchester Remington 788 (Scope Mounts; Light Blonde Stock); .25-06 Savage Axis (Synthetic Stock; Bolt Action); .30-06 Colt Coltsman (Synthetic Stock; Peep Sights); .30-06 Browning BBR (Scope & Rings); .30-06 Military Winchester Enfield U.S. Model of 1917 (Full Wood Stock; Peep Sight; Very Good Condition); .30-06 Remington 710 (Synthetic Stock; 3x9 Scope); .30-06 Remington 740 (Auto; Scope); .30-06 Mossberg 100_ATR (Synthetic Wood Grain Stock); NIB .243 Winchester Remington 700 (3x9 Scope; Synthetic Stock); .243 Remington 715 (Bolt Action; Scope Mounts; Synthetic Stock); .30-30 Winchester 94 (Sn#2970485; Steel Butt Plate); .30-30 Winchester 94 (Sn#3338123; Steel Butt Plate); .30-30 Winchester 94; .30-30 Winchester 94 Ranger w/ Angle Eject; .30-30 Winchester 54 (Mdl. 94 Made For Sears; w/ Scope); .223 New England Firearms “Pardner Handi” (Break Action w/ Bull Bbl.); .223 Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle (4x Tasco Scope); .270 Winchester Short Mag. Browning Short Track Auto (Belgium Made); .270 Winchester Savage 111 (3x9 Scope; Synthetic Stock); .270 Winchester Ruger American (Sn#690-67216; Synthetic; Sights & Scope Mounts); NIB .270 Mossberg Maverick (Synthetic Stock; 22” Bbl.); 7mm Remington Mag. Browning BLR (Lever Action w/ Clip); 7mm Remington Mag. Ruger 77 (3x9 Tasco Scope); ; 6mm/.244 Novisaki w/ Japanese Action (Douglas Bbl.; Hand Built By ND Gunsmith); 9mm Hi-point 995 Auto “Camp Gun”; 9mm Hi-point Auto Carbine; 35Cal. Remington 8 Auto; 30Cal. M1 Springfield Auto; .22/.250 New England Firearms Single Shot SB2 (Bull Bbl; Scope Mounts); .204 Ruger Remington 700 (3x9 Swift Scope; Synthetic Stock); .17 HMR Mossberg International 817; NIB .17 HMR Marlin (Adjustable Trigger; Scope; 22” Heavy Bbl.); .22 Colt PT F.A. Mfg. Co. Hartford CT Slide Action Pump w/ Octagon Bbl. (Sn#30206; Pat. 1883/85/87); .22 Browning Lever Action BLR; .22 Brevette Made in Belgium; .22 Henry Youth; .22 Mag. Henry (Lever Action; Checkered Stock); .22 Stevens Youth 73; .22 Stevens Marksman 12; .22 Winchester 90 Auto; .22 Winchester 67 Single Shot Bolt; .22 Winchester Mag. Remington 597 Auto (Synthetic Stock); .22 Winchester Mag. Marlin 922M w/ Sites & Scope Mounts; NIB .22 Winchester Mag. Marlin (Adjustable Trigger; Black Synthetic Stock; 4 & 7 Round Clips); .22 Mag. Winchester 94; .22 Remington 514; NEW .22 Savage Mark I (Smooth Bore; Birdshot Only); .22 Ruger 1022 Auto (Camo); .22 Marlin 795 w/ Micro-Groove Bbl. & Scope Auto; NIB .22 Marlin 795 Auto (Synthetic Stock); .22 Mossberg 702 Youth (Auto w/ Clip); .22 Mossberg 151 Auto w/ Mannlicher Stock; .22 Mossberg 151_K Auto; .22 Mossberg New Haven 250C Auto; .22 Mossberg International 702 Auto (Chrome Plated; 21” Bbl.); .22 Springfield 16; .22 Intratech Scorpion; 2) .22 Glenfield 60 Auto


.44 Mag. Desert Eagle Pistol (Auto; w/ Holster & Belt); 9mm Ruger P95DC Auto; 9mm Ruger P95 Auto; .40 Cal. Smith & Wesson Auto SW_40; NEW .45 Long Colt Beretta 45_LC Revolver (Single Action Army; 7½” Bbl.); .357 Mag. Black Hawk Ruger Revolver w/ Holster; .357 Mag. Dan Wesson 15 Revolver (Original Box; 4” Bbl.); NEW .357 Taurus SSKL Revolver (12” Bbl.; 7-Shot; Stainless); .38 Special Titan Tiger Revolver ; .380 Auto P380 Chrome Plated; .32Cal. Iver Johnson Revolver; .17Cal. HMR Taurus Revolver (2” Bbl.); .22 Ruger Single Six New Model (Flat Top); .22 Smith & Wesson Auto P22 (5” Bbl.); .22 Jennings Firearm J22 Auto; .22 Iver Johnson Trailsman 229B6 In Original Box; .22 Iver Johnson TP22 Auto; .22 Heritage Arms Inc. Roughrider R22CH6 Revolver (6½” Bbl.; NIB); .22/.22 Mag. High Standard Double 9 Convertible (Double Action; Holster); .22/.22 Mag. Revolver Rohm GMS 66 (Needs Parts); .22 Super Billy Starter Pistol w/ Blanks; .22 Super Billy Starter Pistol For Parts; 1944 U.S. Navy Flare Gun Mark 5


Rossi Combo Gun 12 Ga. 28” Brl. & .30-06 23” Bbl. w/ Case; 12Ga. Benelli Nova (Pump; 2¾-3½”; w/ Synthetic Stock); 12Ga. Browning A-5 (2¾”; Auto; Engraved; Belgium Made); 12Ga. Ithica Double Bbl. w/ London Twist; 12Ga. Winchester 37A (2¾ & 3”; Engraved, Checkered Stock); 12Ga. Winchester 12 (Full Choke); 12Ga. Winchester 1300 (2¾ & 3”; Vent Rib; Screw In Choke); 12Ga. Winchester 1300 (2¾ & 3”; Synthetic Stock; Vent Rib); 12Ga. 870 Remington (Special Checkered Stock; 2¾”); 12Ga. Universal Double Bbl. (Side-By-Side; Extra Fine Twist; Exposed Hammers); 12Ga. Iver Johnson (Pat. 1902; Break Action); 12Ga. Meridian Arms Double Barrel (Engraved); 12Ga. Double Barrel Stage Coach Gun Century Arms (Exposed Hammers; Newer); 12Ga. New England Firearms Partar Single Shot (3” Modified); 12Ga. New England Firearms Slug Gun Topper Buck 162 (Sights; 3” Cylinder Bore); 12Ga. Pardner SBI_ P (3”); 12Ga. Mossberg 500A Pump (Synthetic Stock; 3½”); 12Ga. Remington 1148 (2¾”; Auto); 12Ga. Remington 870 Magnum (Synthetic Stock; 18” Police Cylinder); 20/12Ga. Condor Over & Under (3”; Vent Rib’ Screw In Chokes); 20Ga./.22 Mag. Savage 24 Over & Under (2¾ & 3”); NIB 20Ga. Charles Daly Double Bbl. 306_LX (Single Trigger; Screw In Chokes; Engraved); 20Ga. Stevens Double Bbl. 311A (Side-By-Side); 20Ga. Auto Winchester 140 Ranger (Screw In Chokes; 2¾”; Vent Rib); 20Ga. Remington 1148 (2¾”; Auto); 20Ga. Remington/Browning Sportsman (2¾”; Adjustable Choke); 20Ga. Harrington & Richardson Tamer (3” Modified; Pistol Grip Synthetic Stock; Matt Finish); 20Ga. H&R SB1_SN2_Tamer (Synthetic Thumb Hole Stock); 20Ga. Pardner SBI (3” Modified); 20Ga. Stevens 107B (2¾”); NEW .410 Rossi Youth (Single Shot; Full Choke); .410Ga. Stevens 940A (3”; Engraved); .410Ga. “Stoeger Condor” Double Bbl. (3”; Over/Under; Engraved Walnut Stock; Vent Rib)


Crossman Slide Action BB/Air Rifle V-35C; Daisy BB Gun; 760 Pumpmaster BB; Plainsman 175 CO2 Pistol Auto; BB Pistol SP2 Break Action w/ Adjustable Sights


2) Buffalo Robes; Military Steiner 10x50 Binoculars; 7x35 Zephyr Bausch & Lomb Binoculars; 60MM Bausch & Lomb Spotting Scope w/ Tripod; Nikon 15x30x45 Scope; Mdl. 1022 Ruger Synthetic Stock; Rifle Slings; 2) Colt AR15 30-Round Clips; Ruger Mini-14 20 & 30 Round Clips; Old Rifle Shells (Winchester Super Speed .243; .223 Brass; Klean Bore .30-06; Western Super X Silver Tip .30-30; 28 Ga.; Gambles Hiawatha; Etc.); Peters & Winchester Ammo Boxes; Old Wood Shotgun Cleaning Rods; Misc. Traps; Misc. Knives; Hunting Clothing; Military Mummy Bags; Malone Wool Pants; Lowrich Bibs & Pants/Jackets; Other Jackets, Boots, & Misc. Hunting Clothes; Other Misc. Sporting Items!


TERMS: Bidders from out of state will be required to have proper permits in order to purchase handguns. Cash or Bankable Check. Picture ID required. Statements made sale day take precedence. Lunch.

AUCTIONEERS: Col. Dale B. Haugen, #198/14-017. Lee Sagvold, #786

CLERK: R&D Auction, Inc., #198. Ft. Ransom/Lisbon, ND

PHONE/FAX: 701-973-2106 E-MAIL: Auctioneer ID #1580

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