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Published July 25, 2010, 08:22 AM

Keep safety in mind during early harvest

Kindred, Minn. (WDAY TV) - With crops in season, you're bound to come across large machinery on the road, meaning more danger this time of year. Authorities and farmers are asking drivers to be patient and keep the early harvest safe for everyone.

Lynn Overboe knows first hand just how dangerous a roadway can be when moving big, slow equipment. Back in 1996 he flipped a semi because another driver pushed him too far to the shoulder.

"When my trailer tires went over the bank and they pulled the trailer down into the canyon."

Overboe has been farming for the last forty years just outside Kindred. He says there is no farmer who wants to hold up traffic; at the same time if a farmer isn't opening a side of the road for you to pass there is good reason.

"Because we've travelled the trail so many times, we know where the driveways and approaches are so if we have a wide implement, we will pull off and let the traffic by."

Overboe says when a farmer moves equipment; they always plan out a route, staying off the well travelled areas as much as possible so if you end up behind a large piece of machinery on a highway, he says be patient they'll likely be getting off soon.

"I'm going a short distance so if you can just bare with me for a few minutes."

Authorities say drivers need to use common sense. Equipment nowadays is extremely wide, much slower than your vehicle and you never know what the other person is thinking.

"When they're pushing themselves and equipment to get things done before a rain or there are time limits in getting crop off the field."

Overboe says it's both the farmers and travelers responsibility to make sure no one has to feel that helpless feeling that strikes you right before a crash. Corn harvest is usually in October. Sugar beets usually come off just before corn.