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Published May 01, 2009, 12:00 AM

Letter: Ethanol good for economy and environment

On March 6, Growth Energy submitted a request to the Environmental Protection Agency seeking approval of ethanol-gasoline blends of up to 15 percent. The EPA is now accepting comments on this proposal.

As a farmer and a supporter of ethanol, I believe this is an important opportunity for North Dakota. Raising the allowable blend level from by just 5 percent could have an extremely positive impact on our economy. Studies, including one from our North Dakota State University researchers, have shown raising the ethanol blend to 15 percent would create over 136,000 new jobs and generate $24.4 billion for the U.S. economy.

Allowing greater use of this clean burning, renewable energy source will not only strengthen our economy, but increase our independence from foreign sources of oil. It is a valuable investment to make now, displacing 7 billion of imported gasoline each year and promoting a cleaner fuel for the future.

Please consider supporting the request to increase ethanol blends in our gasoline to 15 percent and send a comment to the EPA. Visit and tell the EPA you agree that ethanol is a smart investment for our nation’s economic and environmental security.

Jon Nelson, Rugby, representative District 7