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Published December 31, 2009, 12:00 AM

Reader's view: Goats are farm animals, not family pets

The goat story published Dec. 17 blew me away (“Runaway goat gets sympathy but no pardon”). Goats were compared to cats and dogs. Since when did goats attain pet status? Goats are farm animals and, as farm animals, they are raised for a variety of reasons, including being the main course at someone’s dinner.

Someone said in the story the goat’s owner should buy goat meat instead from a specialty store. Where does that person think a specialty store gets its goat meat? It is my sincere hope the complainers included in the story do not represent the average Duluthian.

I personally would like to see an article in “On the menu,” if the goat’s owner would agree, on how goat is traditionally prepared in Nigeria. I like trying new things and the runaway goat article made me aware that goat is something I have never tried.

I hope the goat’s owner and his guests enjoyed their Christmas dinner!

Paul Roue