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wind blog posts

These posts are from our community site Areavoices connects you to your community. Effortlessly share your photos, your videos and your thoughts. Start a blog at » It's free. RURAL REFLECTIONS
Rural Reflections Radio
Here is this week's Rural Reflections Radio program, Building Trees...
3/27/15 at 8:08 AM
Building Trees 3/21/15 at 8:10 AM STAFF BLOGSTORM TRACKER
Wind Chill Varagies
The Wind Chill Index is a useful method for quantifying the additional cooling effect of wind in cold weather. It helps people make decisions about outside activities. But it is not absolutely accurat...
2/13/15 at 1:03 AM
The North Wind Doth Blow 11/20/14 at 12:07 AM
Already Bitter About Wind Chill 10/28/14 at 12:25 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Wind Power -- for and by Small, Ordinary People
Sunday I spent the entire day reading. For hours and hours I absorbed myself in The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, co-written by William Kamkwamba, the proponent of the tale, and Bryan Mealer. I was dra...
4/23/13 at 1:40 PM
Harvesting Rainwater & Harnessing Wind 4/22/13 at 6:32 PM FARM BLEAT
When the wind blows
I was sitting near a window, eating lunch on Wednesday, when I noticed a large piece of cardboard skipping through the parking lot, going completely airborne every once in a while thanks to our lovely...
4/3/13 at 5:00 PM