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How I spent my summer
I want to tell you how I spent my summer. I know the first day of summer occurred in the last week. The truth is that summer is already one-third complete. If you are lucky enough not to work on Labor...
6/27/15 at 8:08 AM
Get Happy 3/7/15 at 8:40 AM
the Little Gray Gym 2/21/15 at 9:30 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
What Brave Looks Like
We live in a world that worships movies. And while many Christians would swear up and down that they worship nothing but God and have no idols, honest people stop and admit that popular mass media af...
3/25/15 at 5:33 PM
These Gifts Are Better Than Toys -- the Story of This Painting 12/16/14 at 2:27 PM
God Is Never on the Evening News 12/15/14 at 5:14 PM STAFF BLOGAG RIGHT
"How Will We Feed the World?"
Until recently, I hadn't heard ofPLOS ONE, the peer-reviewed, open-access online publication from the San Francisco-based Public Library of Science. But I came across it in researching articles on GM ...
3/4/15 at 10:05 AM
The greatest grain in the galaxy 2/27/15 at 1:50 PM
The toughest task in modern ag 2/6/15 at 10:45 AM AMY'S RANCH SLANTS
Thought for the Day #3
Okay, so I got a little bored raking hay one day last summer and took pictures with my phone of my view from the tractor seat. I added the quote later. Turned out kinda cool I thought....
12/14/14 at 8:00 PM
Thought For the Day #2 12/8/14 at 8:00 PM
South Dakota Farm and Ranch Life in Poetry 11/3/14 at 8:00 PM STAFF BLOGSTORM TRACKER
15 Years Ago
It is hard to believe that fifteen years have passed by since the Flood of the Century in April 1997. That flood was preceded by what was arguably the most significant blizzard to strike the state o...
4/5/12 at 8:16 AM SHOOTIN' THE WIT
Still on the Radar
I havent posted for a while. Im sure everyone has noticed, missed it, and is likely a little broken up about it. Well, so am I. Turns out, things really change when you make a change. I swapped jobs ...
3/22/12 at 8:28 AM
Waitin' on You 1/26/12 at 8:57 AM
The grocery store dream 3/2/11 at 1:37 PM FARM BLEAT
The crack in my rose-colored glasses
I dont know that Ive ever been more proud than the day my younger brother and sister-in-law asked me to be a sponsor for my nephew Reece. As I held him in my arms the day he was baptized, I envisione...
12/2/11 at 8:45 PM
Shedding some light on HSUS 3/2/10 at 8:45 AM
The Yellow Tail fallout 2/11/10 at 6:05 AM