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I Want to Be a Kind Christian, Not a Nasty One
I saw an old photo the other day of a man I never knew. What leapt out from the faded ink and crumpled paper was kindness, a sense of humor, and generosity of spirit. He looked like someone I would li...
11/26/14 at 4:11 PM
Recipe: Fast, Easy Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 9/24/13 at 6:44 PM
How to Encourage Your Child to Read 8/15/13 at 4:56 PM RURAL REFLECTIONS
Letter to Dave
Dear Dave, My last month has been spent ascending and descending a ladder, Dave. I have assigned myself the task of removing all wooden siding from my shop, replacing it with oriented strand board (O...
8/16/14 at 6:24 AM AMY'S RANCH SLANTS
A Perfect Afternoon for Book Reading
I caught my husband Art re-reading parts of my book this afternoon after he returned from checking on our cows up at Pringle. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone whos shared posts on F...
12/19/13 at 6:10 PM
Who Says You Need Beef in Your Diet? Your Body! 1/24/12 at 8:00 PM