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Letter to Dave
Dear Dave, Jared was just here, Dave. You dont know him but he is one of the owners of the cattle I am custom grazing this summer. We had a good chat and went for a cruise to check the cattle. I forg...
7/4/15 at 6:53 AM
Letter to Dave 8/16/14 at 6:24 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Left Behind: Is It Obligatory to Attend This Movie?
Well, here we go again. It's not that long ago that Christians were urged to see the movie Noah, starring Russell Croweand produced byatheist directorDarren Aronofsky, who described his cinematic e...
Early Warm Days Don't Have the Humidity
Those early warm days of spring are a different kind of warm day than what we get in the later spring or summer. Its about the dew point. Early in the spring, there is very little humidity available t...
4/21/14 at 11:26 PM
This Weather is for the Dogs 7/15/10 at 5:52 AM
October Rainy Days Record 11/4/09 at 4:54 AM AMY'S RANCH SLANTS
Having A Family Hay Day
We havent put up enough square bales to make an impressive trailer load in a long time, so my husband wanted pictures this time. The barn was originally built to house hay stacks butthis photo seeme...
8/5/11 at 8:00 PM