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These posts are from our community site Areavoices connects you to your community. Effortlessly share your photos, your videos and your thoughts. Start a blog at » It's free. PRAIRIE FARE
Don’t Fall Prey to the 5-second Rule
Would you like pancakes today? my daughter asked as I entered our living room. She was 4 at the time. Sure, that would be nice. What kind of toppings do you have? I asked. Today we have blueberrie...
Beyond the Solstice
What have we gained since the winter solstice five weeks ago? The sun angle at solar noon has climbed from 19.5 degrees to 25.5 degrees today, which is certainly noticeable if you park your car in a s...
1/29/14 at 9:58 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Recipe: Mexi-Thai Chicken Fusion Delusion
Cross-cultural food marriages add spice -- literally -- to life, and this fusion of Mexican food with Thai stir fry is a fun and exciting taste sensation. Anytime you get away from the old pot roast...
9/10/13 at 3:35 PM AMY'S RANCH SLANTS
Lookin' At Life in Black and White
Since the majority of our calves look like these, we tend to get excited whenever we get some black baldy and brockle-faced calves. For those who are unfamiliar with such terminology, a baldy is ...
5/6/11 at 7:00 PM