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the Little Gray Gym
Life passes by so quickly, even the material things that remind me of my own personal past sometimes disappear. My memory of weightlifting in the eighties is always colored gray, is subterranean and w...
2/21/15 at 8:30 AM
the Little Gray Gym 2/21/15 at 8:21 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Christians: If We Were More Honest with Ourselves, More People Would Listen
I have to be in a certain mood to read the book of Proverbs, which consists, primarily, of pithy -- yet wise, and true -- statements in couplet form.Part of me always thinks, "Most of these were writt...
10/6/14 at 1:05 PM
Lonesome Barn: The Story of this Painting 7/1/14 at 12:17 PM
Along the Salmon River: The Story of This Painting 5/6/14 at 12:19 PM FARM BLEAT
Farmer's grove, treasure trove
Ive always been fascinated by the stuff farmers keep in their groves. Not that Ive spent a lot of times in groves we had a fort in ours on the family farm when I was growing up, while my Kandiyohi Co...
4/25/11 at 7:17 PM
Country Girl, City Girl 2/27/11 at 5:50 PM
One, two, 10 ... ready or not! 1/23/11 at 7:46 PM AMY'S RANCH SLANTS
Married to the Tin Man
Its actually metal siding but we keep calling it tin. Since May, my husbands been working on building a pole barn. Its been a work in progress, especially when the project tooka hiatus during haying ...
12/22/10 at 7:00 PM