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Connecting educators and industry
The June issue of Prairie Business includes our take on President Barack Obama's historic May visit to South Dakota to deliver the commencement speech at Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown. ...
6/2/15 at 2:24 PM
Uber loves Fargo 5/14/15 at 2:54 PM
Work like a woman 3/2/15 at 4:07 PM STAFF BLOGSTORM TRACKER
Peak Tornado Month
June is typically the peak month for tornadoes across our region. What is it about June weather that causes tornadoes to form? The classic answer, Cold air from the north clashes with warm and humid a...
6/2/15 at 12:22 AM
Frost Without Freeze? Not Exactly... 6/2/15 at 12:21 AM
May In Review 6/2/15 at 12:20 AM FARM BLEAT
The giddy goats
While I was in the cities for a couple of days last month, my dad decided he needed to buy a couple of goats for the grandkids. I have a soft spot for the inquisitive animals, having raised them as 4...
6/1/15 at 4:00 AM
A little staycation 5/21/15 at 11:53 AM
Time to make memories 5/4/15 at 10:13 AM STAFF BLOGAG RIGHT
Planting and plowing
Planting is wrapping up in most of the Upper Midwest. Unless you're involved directly with ag, it's hard to grasp the physical, emotional and financial investment that goes into the new crop. On a va...
5/31/15 at 5:15 PM
America's favorite vegetable: Enemies, defenders 5/27/15 at 11:11 AM
Let it wave 5/24/15 at 4:32 PM RURAL REFLECTIONS
The Minnie, Minnie Mo'
It seems that what we love as adult is the same as what we loved as children. After all of the compromises, lack of time or fatigue; the passions that still rise to the top are the same passions we ha...
5/30/15 at 8:22 AM
Rural Reflections Radio 5/29/15 at 8:42 AM
The May project 5/23/15 at 7:49 AM PRAIRIE FARE
Does Your Garden Promote Healthy Eyes?
As I admired the various shades of green in my landscape and the bright yellow daffodil blossoms in late May, I couldnt help but value my eyesight. A rose-breasted grosbeak and a yellow finch flew to ...
5/27/15 at 9:26 AM
Does Gardening Really Count as Exercise? 5/16/15 at 12:22 PM
Bees Are Busy Food Producers 5/12/15 at 7:01 AM STAFF BLOGMIKKEL PATES' AG AT LARGE
Equintissential summer event: Draft horse weekend at Towner, N.D.
If there's a way I can get to the 2015 Draft Horse field days, June 12-14 at RX Shire Ranch at Towner, N.D., I'm sure I'll do it -- at least to look in for a few hours. It strikes me as one of the t...
5/21/15 at 8:45 AM
Ag journalism in the nation's capital 4/27/15 at 7:02 AM
Beijing: Great spot for World Potato Congress in July 4/7/15 at 9:17 AM THIS WOMAN WRITES
Love, from Paris
The story of the paintingLove, from ParisbySteve Henderson Fine Art. There's something about Paris, France that is timeless in its sense of vogue. And there's something, as well, about the sophist...
5/11/15 at 5:42 PM
Pretending to Be God 4/24/15 at 4:12 PM
Why It's Important for Christians to READ 4/22/15 at 2:16 PM EVERYDAY GOURMET
Lemon Chili Pasta
I first posted this recipe a few years ago and decided to re-post it because it has such a special place in my stomach heart. I love the ease of preparing it. It can be done in 10 minutes, start to fi...
4/25/15 at 6:01 AM
Gluten Free Parmesan Cauliflower Pizza Crust 4/23/15 at 6:29 AM
Caprese Grilled Chicken Sandwiches 4/16/15 at 7:10 AM GARDEN TALK
Returning Plants Outdoors After Wintering Inside
In the fall, I brought several of my favorite outdoor plants indoors in hopes they would survive over the winter and I would not have to buy all new plants for my outdoor pots and gardens. With ...
4/2/15 at 7:35 PM
Building a Pollinator Garden 3/16/15 at 10:09 PM
Winter Continues and I'm Planning for Spring 2/22/15 at 11:42 PM SHOOTIN' THE WIT
The Truce: My venture with unemployment
I was let go from my past job. Before you get all excited looking to eat up the latest gossip, you wont find it here. Im not writing to dump on my previous employer. Im not posting this to get sympa...
3/26/15 at 6:34 AM
Where's my "Share the Wealth" Card? 2/2/15 at 9:58 AM
Spilled Guts in Aisle 5 12/13/14 at 11:31 AM STAFF BLOGEDITOR'S NOTES
A TV star
As many of you might have already noticed, Im now a superstar. I have between 20 and 30 seconds of on-camera fame each week. The fan mail, autograph requests and pleas for my appearance at childrens b...
2/17/15 at 6:00 PM
A good news week 12/18/14 at 5:10 PM
A television debut 12/17/14 at 5:57 PM AMY'S RANCH SLANTS
Thought for the Day #3
Okay, so I got a little bored raking hay one day last summer and took pictures with my phone of my view from the tractor seat. I added the quote later. Turned out kinda cool I thought....
12/14/14 at 8:00 PM
Thought For the Day #2 12/8/14 at 8:00 PM
Thought for the Day #1 12/2/14 at 8:00 PM THE JEANASINA PERSPECTIVE
Broken hearted bird lady needs to take flight...
Hi! It's Jeanasina here...I know you haven't heard much from me for the past few months and I'm sorry for that, I had intended on delivering so much more Jeanasina perspectives! I moved to River Falls...
9/11/14 at 11:44 AM
Wouldn't it be fun? 7/13/14 at 12:06 PM
I love a good Flea Market! 7/11/14 at 6:21 AM