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Dally enjoys a cool, crisp morning. (Jenn Zeller/Special to Agweek)

Learning a lesson from the birds

Early mornings are good for the soul

I've been out doing chores with the sunrise a few times in the past couple of weeks. I love that time of day. The light is gorgeous. Dew dots the grass. It's cool and calm. There's something soothing about all of it. If birds happily chirping don't make your heart a little lighter and your hope a little greater, I don't know what will.

Those birds, you see, they work every day — building and repairing their nests, searching for seeds and bugs. Those fancy, trilling singers are often hunted by snakes, coyotes and larger birds, though we never hear them complain. We hear their cheerful song, their happy tune. Frankly, that should put things into perspective.

We are blessed to live where we live and do what we do.

We are given the opportunity to be whomever we want to be, and make whatever we want of ourselves. We can play games or be a cowboy for a living, or become a doctor or a lawyer — the possibilities are endless. If we want it bad enough we can find a way.

Often though, it seems we find ourselves whining and complaining about petty issues, about things that aren't important, or taking action that backfires — such as biting the hand that lets us put food on the table.

Not a day goes by when you don't see a post on Facebook or Twitter where someone is getting after someone else, or crabbing around about something. I'm as guilty as the next person. Go check my Twitter feed and you'll discover that I'm pretty upset about the new Hulu User Interface. Complaining about that is not a productive use of my time.

I need a lesson from the birds.

I need to keep on being happy and find the joy in the fact that I lived to see another sunrise — that there's dew on the ground, great horses to ride, cows to rope, good dogs to pet and a lot life left to live.

So here's to the birds — thank you for singing your songs and reminding us to be grateful and thankful. I need to be more like you.

Until next time,

Happy Trails!