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TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 2017 - 10:00 AM
LOCATION: Hoople, North Dakota- 1 ½ miles south on Hwy 18, 1 mile west & ½ mile north; or from Jct Hwys 17 & 18 North, west of Grafton or east of Park River, North Dakota- 7 miles north, 1 mile west & ½ mile north

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Mark has retired after a successful farming career. Most everything was purchased new or near new locally, proper maintenance has been observed on all units and major machines were kept indoors. There are very few small items, so please be on time.

LOAD OUT INFORMATION: There will be load out assistance sale day following the auction, Wednesday, April 5 & Thursday, April 6. All items must be removed by April 18 at 5 pm.

Please visit for details on how to register in ADVANCE

2008 Challenger MT855B belted ag tractor, cloth interior, 16 spd power shift, 36” belts, Trimble auto steer w/ 750 monitor, 5 hyd, hyd wide swing draw bar, front weights, 3211 hrs, second owner local tractor, SN#AGCC0855ANTJ1128; 2012 Challenger MT645D MFWD, CVT trans, cloth interior, air ride cab, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 5 hyd, 380/80R38 fronts, 380/90R54 rear duals, front weights, 2249 hrs, single owner, SN#C144039; 2010 JD 8225R MFWD, IVT trans, cloth interior, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 5 hyd, 380/80R38 fronts, 380/90R54 duals, front weights, 2896 hrs, second owner local tractor, SN#1RW8225RHAD006616; 2001 AGCO 9765 MFWD w/ DT180 decals, power shift, 3pt w/ quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 4 hyd, Agco FL600 quick attach loader w/ 8’ bucket & joystick control, 380/85R30 fronts, 380/90R46 duals, only 3798 hrs, single owner, SN#K015017; Mobility Big Dipper Hi-Reach model# 4-79-2W dipper loader, 4 spd trans w/ forward & reverse, Ford engine, propane, 72” potato bucket, 5528 hrs showing, SN#3563; 1946 IHC Farmall M, wide front, PTO, 2 hyd, 14.9-38 rears, SN#MFBK80400

1994 Agco Gleaner R72 combine, Version 72, Deutz air cooled engine, chopper, tailings return, 30.5L-32 fronts, 16.9-24 rears, only 1741 sep hrs, 2217 eng hrs, used in small grain only, single owner, SN#R7274088; Agco Gleaner 327 27’ rigid head w/ 3” cut & 6 batt finger reel, SN#2752129G9191; Elmers 30’ 2-wheel header trailer, SN#94546; Ficklin CA1500 grain cart w/ extension, 30.5L-32 tires, front corner auger, SN#1797; Westfield J207-36 7” x 36’ auger, 5hp elec motor, single phase; Westfield MK100-71 10” x 71’ auger w/ mech drive swing hopper, hyd lift & 540 PTO

2005 Freightliner M2106 tandem twin screw, Cat C7 engine, 10 spd trans, late model Spudnik 20’ live bottom box w/ PTO/ hyd unloader, roll tarp, 240” WB, 11R22.5 tires, steel disk wheels, 545164 miles showing; 1996 IH 4900 tandem twin screw, DT466 IH diesel, 10 spd trans, late model 20’ Spudnik live bottom box w/ PTO/ hyd unloader, set up for side auger, roll tarp, 240” WB, 11R22.5 tires, steel disk wheels, 359207 miles showing; 1993 IH 4900 tandem twin screw, DT466 IH diesel, 7 spd trans, 20’ Logan live bottom box w/ electric unloader, roll tarp, 240” WB, 11R22.5 tries, steel disk wheels, 67825 miles showing; 1992 IH 4900 tandem twin screw, DT466 IH diesel, 10 spd trans, late model 20’ Spudnik live bottom box w/ PTO/ hyd unloader, roll tarp, 240” WB, 315/80R22.5 fronts, 295/75R22.5 rears, steel disk wheels, 98276 miles showing; 1991 IH 4900 tandem twin screw, DT466 IH diesel, 10 spd trans, 20’ Spudnik live bottom box w/ elec & PTO/ hyd unloader, roll tarp, 240” WB, 11R22.5 tires, alum fronts, steel disk rears, 990252 miles showing; 1990 IH 8100 tandem twin screw, Cummins L10 engine, 10 spd trans, 20’ Logan live bottom box w/ electric unloader, roll tarp, 240” WB, 11R22.5 tires, steel disk wheels, 174550 miles showing; 1981 IH F1924 tandem twin screw, 446 gas engine, 5/2 spd trans, 20’ Hart 3 in 1 box w/ combo end gate & side auger, roll tarp, 10.00R20 fronts, 9.00R20 rear duals, Dayton wheels, only 34610 miles showing, single owner; 1977 IH Loadstar 1800 tandem twin screw dump truck, 446 gas engine, 5/3 trans, 20’ low side box, 315/80R22.5 fronts, 11R20 rears, Dayton wheels, 88265 miles showing; 1976 Mack tandem twin screw gravel dump truck, 6 cyl Mack diesel, 5/3 trans, 20’ dump box, 13/80R20 fronts, 10R22.5 rears, Dayton wheels; 1975 Chev C-60 single axle, v-8, 5/2, power steering, 9.00-20 tires, 15’ Knapheide steel box & hoist, low miles; 1984 Ford F350 1T regular cab dually service truck, 6.9L diesel, auto trans, 11’ service body w/ 265 gal fuel tank & pump

2014 Sunflower 1435 35’ cushion gang disk, 9” spacing, blades measure 23”, 3 section fold, 3 bar heavy tine harrow 24” tines, walking tandems around, wing gauge wheels, floating tongue, hyd F/A & depth control, low acres, SN#MAGC914350D2100544X36; Bourgault 8810 40’ heavy duty cultivator, 8” spacing, 10” knock on shovels, 3 section fold, 4 bar harrow, walking tandems around, front caster wheels, floating tongue & packer hitch, SN#36929CU-09; 2012 Bourgualt 6000 60’ 5 bar heavy tine harrow, 21” tines, auto fold, SN#41011MH-19; JD 9400 30’ (3-10’ sections) press drills, 6” spacing, black rubber press wheels, markers and end transport, no dry fertilizer, SN#N0940CD000421; Case IH 5600 28’ spring std chisel plow, 15” sweeps, walking tandems around, wing gauge wheels, floating tongue, manual depth control, no harrow, extra set of spikes, SN#JAG0003208; IHC 800 12-18 auto reset plow w/ center hinge & dual carrier wheel, SN#1050000U0019991; 2) JD 3100 6 bottom plows & tandem hitch; IHC 21’ 490 disk, 20’’ blades, 8” spacing & fldg wings, SN#04700009085756; Nitromaster 8000 series 34’ NH3 applicator, spring shanks, hyd shut off; Summers 57’ light duty 5 bar harrow w/ 6’ wide sections (Melroe type), SN#63817; Summers 40’ trailing folding coil packer, 3 section fold; Allis Chalmers 1200 30’ field cultivator; Allis Chalmers 3pt headland cultivator

2009 Mayo 575 53’ telescoping bin piler, 30” wide, single phase elec w/ wireless remote control, hyd out riggers & solid rubber belted elevator, always kept indoors, SN#96209; Harriston 3026 6R38 pick style potato planter, folding hitch, 68” wide hopper, kept indoors, low acres on 2016 rebuild, SN#400504; Harriston 240 clod hopper, 3 phase elec, star table, transport & catwalks, 100’ cord & fldg discharge conveyor, kept indoors, SN#450323; Hills 1214 4R38 potato windrower, belted apron throughout, choppers, bed shakers, aux coulter & accessories, SN#93-4500W-RE; McConnell 460 2R potato harvester, no dirt table, belted apron throughout, vine blower, bed shakers & chopper, SN#MCUT2087; Better Built #48206 seed cutter, 48” wide, 4 decks, 2/3/4 cuts, capable of 6 cut, factory rebuilt in 2008, new star table rollers in 2015, always kept indoors; Mayo model# 248-25-3400 18” x 25’ dirt conveyor w/ 5’ dog leg, SN#319198; 2) Mayo 220 30” x 60’ telescoping belt conveyors, single phase elec, SN#2064, SN#2065; Harriston 1860 18R folding weeder, 5 section fold, semi mount hitch, SN#9207; 2) Harriston 2010 6R cultivators, heavy danish tines, disk hillers, guide cones & gauge wheels, SN#9159; Lilliston 6R rolling cultivator, bed rippers, shields & gauge wheels; Tri-Steel drum duster/ seed treater; Tri-Steel 18” x 25’ planter filler w/ swivel discharge, single phase elec; Tri-Steel 12” x 30’ tube conveyor, single phase elec; Lockwood 18’ grading table, 6’ x 32” table, poly rollers, 7’ elevator w/ 24” hook apron, screen & transport; Mayo 30” x 28’ chain conveyor w/ 8’ stinger, 30” belted elevator & hook conveyor apron; Shop Built 14’x30” hook apron chain conveyor; Shop Built 11’x30” hook apron chain conveyor; 2) Evenflow hoppers; 6R PT vine roller

Rhino SR14M 14’ batwing mower, chain kit, weight box, solid rubber tires, 1000 PTO, SN#11292; Winpower PTO generator, 120/240 volt, single phase, 540 PTO, SN#1110544777; Hobart Titan 8 AC-DC 8000W gas generator, Kohler 18hp engine; 2000 gal horizontal poly water tank; Track whacker; Brush auger for Hart box; Additional drill fills; Yard drag; Motorola digital UHF radios- 7 mobiles, 1 hand held & antenna, 461/850 MHZ receiving, 466/850 MHZ transmitting; Some other farm & potato miscellaneous, but very little, so please be on time

Mark Fagerholt, Owner
For more information call Mark 701-331-0475 or Ron 701-331- 1320

TERMS: Cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, approved check in US funds. All sales final. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. Document fee on vehicle titles will apply & vehicle titles will be ailed to buyers.
Canadian buyers are always welcome. Please furnish a letter of credit for registration. Some purchases require payment by wire. Most units move easily across the border, feel free to ask in advance for document assistance if necessary.

AUCTIONEERS & CLERK: Main Resource Equipment Auctions, Dennis Biliske- Auctioneer, 2702 17th Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201. Ph 701-757-4015, Fax 701-757-4016. Dennis Biliske ND Lic 237, ND Clerk Lic 624, email-, website-