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Scarce supply is bringing truck drivers from hundreds of miles to fill up.

Area fuel dealers go as far as Manitoba to fill up

Truck drivers are going wherever they possibly can to find diesel and that means longer lines at places like this. Magellan Pipeline is busy with drivers from all over the Midwest, partly because a Mandan refinery shut down for a month to make mandated repairs. Area fuel dealers are even going as far as Manitoba to fill up.

GILSON: "Terminals are running out and we have to go wherever we can get it! Jamestown usually gets it in for a few loads and then they run out and we have to go to Fargo, Twin Cities, wherever, wherever we can get it."

The lengthy journey and the demand for the fuel could eventually "up" the price of diesel. Tesoro shuts down the refinery in Mandan every six years for safety inspections.

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