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Top 10 AgweekTV stories in 2017

AgweekTV continues to grow and evolve. This year, the show and anchor Shawna Olson garnered big awards from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. You can catch our end-of-the-year show this weekend on your local affiliate or right here at

Here are our Top 10 most watched AgweekTV stories from Thanks for watching!

Adawn Nelson is an ag ed innovator.

Shawna Olson’s story on a pioneer in ag education starts our list at No. 10.

#9 Soil Your Undies

#soilyourundies for soil health.

Coming in at No. 9, Abbey Wick of NDSU Extension tells our Shawna Olson about a soil health demonstration with the giggle-inducing name of Soil Your Undies.

#8 McMartin Jr. Files for Bankruptcy

Mikkel Pates interviews Ron McMartin Jr.

Mikkel Pates’ reporting on the story of the McM bankruptcy makes numerous spots on our Top 10 list. At No. 8 is the story of Ron McMartin Jr. filing for individual bankruptcy.

#7 McMartin Auction

The McM bankruptcy auction.

At No. 7 is the story of an auction of some equipment formerly used by McM Inc.

#6 Cereal Rye as a Cover Crop

Abbey Wick shows the value of cereal rye as a cover crop.

Abbey Wick explains ways to use cereal rye as a cover crop on the Soil Health Minute, which comes in at No. 6 on our list.

#5 New Equipment at Butler Machinery

Shawna Olson at Butler Machinery.

Shawna Olson learns about new equipment at Butler Machinery on our No. 5 story.

#4 Schweitzer's Gourmet Meats

Schweitzer's Gourmet Meats has a facility in Moffit, N.D., and a store in Bismarck, N.D.

In our No. 4 story, Jenny Schlecht talks to the owner of a new butcher shop and retail meat establishment in central North Dakota.

#3 Robotic Dairy

Cows at a robotic dairy.

Jonathan Knutson’s story on a robotic dairy in Minnesota captured No. 3 on our list.

#2 DAPL Protesters Threaten Bison Sale

Owners of a bison ranch were concerned about fallout from the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest on their annual sale.

The proprietors of a bison ranch in Sioux County, N.D., worried about interruptions from Dakota Access Pipeline protesters during their sale. Shawna Olson was there in our No. 2 story.

#1 McMartin Bankruptcy Update

McM equipment lined up.

At No. 1 on our list is an update on the McMartin bankruptcy from Mikkel Pates.