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Record sugar beet crop in Montana

Record sugar beet crop in Montana

Western Sugar Cooperative is going to have a big crop this year, and the biggest part of it will be in the Billings, Mont., production area....

ND nursery copes with declining shelterbelt sales

ND nursery copes with declining shelterbelt sales

Brian Johnston wanted a challenge. He got one: Rescuing the faltering Lincoln-Oakes Nursery in Bismarck, which had been “hemorrhaging cash for years” ...

ND ranch expands into agritourism

ND ranch expands into agritourism

Jerry Doan always figured his oldest son would return to the family farm and make agriculture his lifelong career. But the elder Doan was a bit surpr...

With poor rail flow, SD farmers and elevators pile, bag grain

With poor rail flow, SD farmers and elevators pile, bag grain

Scott Dowling is one of many farmers piling wheat on the ground and stuffing it into bags....

Worthington Ag Parts celebrates 50 years

Worthington Ag Parts celebrates 50 years

Worthington Ag Parts has put the name Worthington on the world map. The agricultural tractor salvage business celebrates its 50th anniversary this yea...

Grain prices updated daily

Grain prices updated daily

Northstar delays $250 million canola plant in Okla.

Northstar Agri Industries — the Fargo, N.D.-based company that is expanding its two-year-old canola processing plant in Hallock, Minn. — confirms it is delaying its construction start for an even larger canola plant in Enid, Okla.

Cavalier, ND, likely site for meat plant

If a proposed $1.7 million multispecies animal slaughter and processing plant is built in northeast North Dakota, Cavalier is the most financially feasible location.

Propane terminal in Hannaford, ND, delivers Oil Patch fuel to region

Propane terminal in Hannaford, ND, delivers Oil Patch fuel to region

Officials see a new propane terminal in Hannaford, N.D., as a way to combat the shortages and high prices seen last year. The $6.5 million terminal is a project of CHS and Central Plains Ag Services and will bring propane from the Oil Patch to users in eastern North Dakota.


White House calls for task force to tackle antibiotic-resistant bugs

The U.S. government will set up a task force and presidential advisory council to tackle the growing threat of antibiotic resistance, setting a Feb. 15 deadline for it to outline specific steps, White House advisers said on Thursday.

General Mills to close plants, cut 500-plus jobs, in Calif., Mass.

General Mills said Thursday it planned to close two manufacturing plants, as it seeks to cut costs.

Hay website expands to grazing

The Farm Service Agency’s Hay Net website has been expanded to include information on grazing.

China, US fail to reach agreement in distiller grains dispute

China, the world’s top buyer of distiller’s dried grains (DDGs), has failed to settle a row with the U.S. on how to eliminate genetically altered content from a product worth $1.3 billion in trade so far this year, two industry sources said on Wednesday.

Experts say Cargill case highlights foreign regulatory influence in US

Major U.S. grain exporter Cargill Inc.’s lawsuit against Syngenta AG over losses stemming from China’s rejection of genetically modified corn demonstrates how U.S. markets are becoming increasingly subject to foreign rules, legal experts said on Tuesday.

Vilsack says he urged Buffett to ready BNSF for record crops

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack met with Warren Buffett last week to urge the billionaire investor to make sure his BNSF railroad is ready for an expected record corn and soy harvest this year.

Breckenridge, Minn., man rescued from grain elevator

A man trapped in a grain bin was rescued by local authorities Tuesday morning with the help of specialized equipment. Authorities responded to a 911 call at 10:27 a.m. about a worker stuck chest-high in corn at the Brushvale Elevator, Wilkin County Sheriff Rick Fielder said.

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